Monopoly and Competition

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The Champion Inflator - Higher Education

EducationMonopoly and Competition


I read where tuition and fees at private colleges are up 5.9% this year. well, first of all you know that number is no more reliable than the polls of KIm Jong-II's popularity taken on North Korean streets — with the secret police standing by: about as meaningful as sticker prices on a...

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Service and frustrations

Monopoly and Competition


Yesterday I stopped at an RV/boating store to buy a 40-amp fuse for my camper. Right after I walked into the store, another man, along with his son, entered looking for a place to register his boat. Two sales clerks were available, so we both got immediate attention.

The clerk waiting on...

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Using the Fear Factor to Hate China and Wal-Mart

Global EconomyMonopoly and Competition


The headline reads: "What to do when everything is Made in China?: A one-week attempt to avoid products from there meets with little success." Of course this is a push on the part of the Buy American-Protectionist crowd to...

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Google does evil

Legal SystemMonopoly and Competition


Contrary to its "do no evil" pledge, Google has used evil federal anti-trust law as leverage to force Microsoft to change Windows Vista to permit consumers to choose which desktop search...

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Brazil and Compulsory Licenses

InterventionismMonopoly and Competition


As I've noted previously, there is nothing necessarily unlibertarian about the feds issuing a compulsory license of a patent, since this merely takes back some of the monopoly right it should not have granted in the first place. (See ...

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Revenge of the Antitrustians

Legal SystemInterventionismMonopoly and Competition


It's been said that a small but determined group of anti-American religious fanatics who "hate us for our freedom" pose a mortal danger to the nation. I actually agree with that premise — but the religious fanatics that concern me don't pray to Allah or live in the...

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Revolutionary Television Design Killed by Patents

Legal SystemMonopoly and Competition


Ah, gotta love the "innovation-stimulating" effect of the federal-legislation-created patent system: SED televisions delayed, again -- possibly forever:

"Damn, not another SED...

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