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The Constitutional Democrat

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James Fenimore Cooper, America's first great national novelist, widely influenced our literature and Americans' sense of history in the 19th century. However, Cooper also wrote about political issues, particularly in The American Democrat (1838), whose themes reflect America's...

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Basil the Evil



I just had the pleasure of preparing a chapter from Flynn's Men of Wealth for publication here. It is on...

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Hans F. Sennholz, 1922-2007



He who has lived well knows how to die well. Death holds no horrors for him. It is simply the ultimate adventure of life. The death of Hans Sennholz on June 23, 2007, concluded a life of untold adventures. Born (February 3, 1922) in Germany during the hyperinflation soon after World War I, he...

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Benjamin Anderson, 1886-1949

BiographiesHistory of the Austrian School of Economics


It might be May Day in Cuba--the day on which Castro gives his traditional 4–5 hour speech, or so says NPR with exuberant expectation—but at the Mises Institute, it is Benjamin Anderson day. He was born on May 1, 1886. He was an outstanding...

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Schumpeter Lives



Yet another biography of this worthy thinker, and some interesting comments on his resurgence.

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A Tribute to Ron

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In a long public life, Ron Paul has always kept faith with the limited defensible role for our federal government. He hasn't sold out that vision to "buy" goodies extorted from others via government coercion, truly representing those disenchanted with the ballooning size scope of...

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Radical Disillusionment

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Emma Goldman, a young shopkeeper in 1892, was serving a customer in her ice cream parlor in Worcester, Mass., when she got the latest news about a labor strike in Pittsburgh.

As she explains in her autobiography, "Living My Life": "One afternoon a customer came in for an ice...

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"The Most Distinctly Libertarian of the Libertarians"

BiographiesAustrian Economics Overview


Of the big five of the libertarian movement — Von Mises, Hayek, Rand, Rothbard and Friedman — who is your favorite?

Doherty: Murray Rothbard, and I'll tell you why. Rothbard, in one way, was the most distinctly libertarian of the...

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"Ach, that Rothbard!"

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The Mises archives are truly a wonderful thing. I was reading the brilliant and deserved article on the illustrious Pascal Salin by Dr. Hülsmann when I found this insightful interview with Dr. Salin...

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General Augusto Pinochet Is Dead

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On Sunday, December 10, General Augusto Pinochet of Chile died, at the age of 91. General Pinochet deserves to be remembered for having rescued his country from becoming the second Soviet satellite in the Western hemisphere, after Castro's Cuba, and, like the Soviet Union, and Cuba under...

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