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David Howden on the Euro

Free MarketsGold StandardMoney and Banking


David Howden is interviewed on the GoldMoney show with Andy Duncan.

"Howden thinks that the Euro will hold together in the short term, but he is rather pessimistic on the long term outlook of...

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The Anti-Utopianism of Private-Property Anarchism

Free MarketsPolitical TheoryPrivate Property


"As a reflection of this fundamental realism—anti-utopianism—of his private-property anarchism, Rothbard, unlike most contemporary political philosophers, accorded central importance to the subject of punishment.  For him, private property and the right to physical defense...

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Back alley organ transplants

Free MarketsHealthInterventionism


How do you create back alley organ transplants? Simple, just prohibit the buying and selling of human organs and then go all over the world trying to stop the market from working. Government payment for organs and control over distribution is no answer and would no doubt cause economic and...

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Free Trade versus Free-trade Agreements

Free MarketsValue and Exchange


The Mises Institute has consistently favored free trade--the real thing--while criticizing "free-trade agreements" as mercantilism in disguise. The position is a lonely one, except that looking back history we find that the Austrians were against trade agreements from the beginning,...

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IP = right to profits. Nothing more and nothing less.

Free MarketsCalculation and KnowledgeMoney and Banking


IP is the manifestation on creativity of an underlying Marxist theme: the labor theory of value.

What if I discover/invent something but others market it first? What if they market it better?

Am I not entitled to profits for my discovery or invention?Answering yes to the...

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The Land of Free Stuff

Free MarketsEntrepreneurship


The Economist has an interesting story on how markets drive goods and services to zero price in the presence of relentless innovation — with the web as the example in question.


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The Rich and the Fires

Free Markets


According to this story, the "rich" can afford private fire protection. Let's not forget that only the "rich" could once afford cell phones, televisions, cars, and electricity. Free the...

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The True Cost of Higher Education

EducationFree Markets


Recently the George Washington University surpassed $50,000 per year for undergraduate tuition, making the DC school the nation's most expensive. A cover story in the ...

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Pilon on Patents

Free MarketsPolitical Theory


I blogged elsewhere the “Palmer on Patents” post below a couple years ago. In the post, I mention a minor scandal back in 2003, when some of Cato’s scholars (Doug Bandow and Michael Krauss) came out in favor of...

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Does the DoJ read

Free MarketsMedia and CultureCalculation and KnowledgeInterventionism


Probably not. However, the Justice Department weighed in on the net neutrality debate, stating in part:

The Department also noted that differentiating service levels and pricing is a common and often efficient...

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