War and Foreign Policy

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Why Do Anti-War Movements Fail?

U.S. HistoryWar and Foreign PolicyPhilosophy and Methodology


In this survey of anti-war movements, David Lorenzo examines the political challenges they repeatedly encounter.

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Freedom Isn't Free: It Costs the Taxpayers $700 Billion Per Year

Taxes and SpendingU.S. EconomyWar and Foreign Policy


Without the hard work of the US taxpayer, the US government's military would have no salaries or weapons. So why are the taxpayers thanking them?


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Drafting Women Means Equality in Slavery

War and Foreign PolicyPolitical Theory


In a free society, you should never have to register your child or your gun.

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Time Magazine’s Oblivious Critique of China’s Rulers

Global EconomyWar and Foreign PolicyWorld History


China's ruling class often reminds us of our own. Not that the editors at Time have enough self-awareness to notice.

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Keynes in 1939: The Coming War Will Solve our Unemployment Problem

War and Foreign PolicyMonetary Theory

On the eve of World War II, Keynes delivered a chilling address on the BBC, talking about the "great experiment" of curing unemployment through war expenditure.


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Terrorist Attacks Made Worse by Government Failure in Europe

The Police StateWar and Foreign PolicyWorld History


People are not supposed to notice that every terrorist attack represents a major government failure and that rewarding failure with more of the same policies only invites more failure.

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A Boom Town Recession That Could Save Us All

Big GovernmentBooms and BustsThe FedGlobal EconomyU.S. HistoryWar and Foreign PolicyBusiness CyclesGold Standard


Recessions are good for an economy because they involve a resolution process, but a big recession for this boom town could be great for the world economy.

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Radical Ideologies Are Only One Part of the Terrorism Equation

War and Foreign PolicyWorld HistoryPolitical Theory


Pointing out the follies of Western foreign policy is not to apologize for Islamic radicals. It is simply to point toward a way that the West could make a positive impact in favor of ordinary Westerners right now, with the added benefit of being morally correct as well.

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Brussels Bombings: More Blowback for Europe

The Police StateWar and Foreign PolicyInterventionism


The capital city of NATO and the European Parliament, the city of Brussels is a prime target for the radicals that the elites of Brussels and Washington helped create.

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The US Banking System as an Arm of US Foreign Policy

Global EconomyWar and Foreign PolicyMoney and Banking


This incident is one more example that demonstrates the contempt with which the US government holds private companies. Private companies are literally being conscripted to serve the state.

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