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The EU Is About Control, Not Free Trade

Big GovernmentGlobal Economy


Politicians like Juncker and Merkel speak of the EU as if it were a marriage or a family, to which one is bound by some transcendental duty.

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Why Large, Local Legislatures Are Better than the EU Parliament

Big GovernmentLegal SystemPolitical Theory


Large parliaments with small district sizes and easy access to legislators are preferable to the EU system of huge constituencies and little access.

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The Right of Self-Determination

Big GovernmentWorld History


The right of self-determination is the right of the inhabitants of every territory to decide on the state to which they wish to belong.

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The FBI and NSA Won't Keep Us Safe

Big GovernmentInterventionism


The NSA was too busy spying on your family to stop the Orlando gunman. But why aren't night clubs keeping tabs on people who walk in with rifles?


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Social Insecurity

Big GovernmentTaxes and Spending


Social Security and scores of other welfare programs have expanded at an accelerative rate.

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Switzerland Votes on "Free Lunch"

Big GovernmentTaxes and SpendingPolitical Theory


The Swiss will vote on a taxpayer-provided "Unconditional Basic Income" for everyone. The Swiss have a history of rejecting similar measures.

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The Success of Socialist Newspeak

Big GovernmentMedia and CultureWorld History


The socialists have engineered a semantic revolution in converting the meaning of terms into their opposite.

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Government Can’t Help; It Can Only Hurt

Big Government


The TSA, VA, and IRS are just three examples of how government cannot effectively provide any good or service.

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The Week in Review: May 28, 2016

Big GovernmentThe FedStrategyU.S. EconomyInterventionism

Memorial Day weekend is a time to reflect on war, rather than celebrate it.

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The Task Confronting Libertarians

Big GovernmentStrategyGold Standard


Written in 1968, Hazlitt discusses libertarian strategy, why Big Business won't defend capitalism, and the importance of defending sound money.

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