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Global Warming: How Scholastic Publishing Gets 'Em Young

The EnvironmentMedia and Culture


The Science and Public Policy Institute carries this report on a book on global warming for schoolchildren written by Film Director Laurie David and published by Scholastic Publishers, the producers of such staples for...

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Are Carbon Emissions the Cause of Global Warming?

The Environment


The natural science of climatology and the social science of economics find themselves bound up with each other in the debate on global warming. There are many economic issues to discuss concerning the government's ability to control the future of weather patterns through regulation and the...

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IMF explicit about carbosocialism

The EnvironmentPolitical Theory


In a recent press briefing given by him and his colleagues, the Deputy MD of the mission-starved IMF was positively drooling over the prospect that the next round of Climate-camouflaged tax transfers from the pockets of the...

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Land Socialism: Playing With Fire

The Environment


How fashionable it is to love nature.

Down with industry, development, internal-combustion engines, clear cutting, strip malls, and private ownership. Capitalists do nothing but ravage the beauty of mother earth. The hand of man only strangles and kills.

If you agree with the above,...

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As Southern California Burns

The EnvironmentU.S. HistoryPrivate Property


Four years after the conflagration of 2003, we in southern California once again are enjoying the sight of pink skies not caused by the sun, the aroma of burning chaparral, and the sting of smoke getting in our eyes. One can only wonder: what is the role of government in this?


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How about banning tanks, jet fighters and submarines?

Big GovernmentThe Environment


The Australian government has decided to fight against energy consumption: by banning "most plasma and LCD HDTVs by the year 2011." However, rather than punishing consumers and ultimately...

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The Heroic Richard Lindzen on Global Warming

The EnvironmentCalculation and Knowledge


Richard Lindzen is one of the heroic challengers to the scientific establishment on the topic of global warming, yet you don't often hear about him. He is an an atmospheric physicist and the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology...

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Let em burn

Big GovernmentThe EnvironmentInterventionism


When a major wildfire outside Ketchum, Idaho threatened homes insured by AIG Private Client Group, the company sent private firefighters to spray a barrier of fire retardant on the homes most at risk. According to an...

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70-year old woman arrested for brown lawn

The EnvironmentLegal System


Story here. In other circumstances, such as water rationing, you get arrested for watering your lawn.

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Why Does Socialism Cause Pollution?

The EnvironmentPrivate Property


15 years ago Thomas DiLorenzo penned a concise piece detailing severals reasons and examples as to why socialism was not only unable to prevent pollution, but how it is the prime culprit in many cases.


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